Upcoming Release - 1.17 TruthOwl

We know it has been a long time coming but, our next release is nearly here. We are currently in testing on a new version of the Vanhawks app and Valour Firmware. Our development process now includes a beta phase where we invite select users to put our latest development through its paces in the real world. Currently, the beta is only open to iOS users. 

The new version focuses on improving Bluetooth connectivity and overall performance and stability of the Valour software. It also introduces the first 'stand alone' feature: Stand Alone Lighting. You can read more about this feature in our Developers Blog

If you are a Valour rider and, you are interested in testing our latest version, simply open the app and select the chat icon in the lower right corner. Leave us a message to let us know that you are interested. Please note, the test is only available to iPhone users at this time. 


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