Valour Assembly Instructions (For Bicycle Mechanics or Experienced Cyclists)

*Note: This information mostly focuses on Valour specific components that may differ from standard components from other bicycles.


Ensure that the saddle clamp is firmly in place. (Adjust it according to your riding preference).

Ensure bolt portion of clamp is facing forward, to prevent damage to the carbon fibre.

Tighten seat post clamp bolt to 6Nm (do not over-tighten), and ensure that the seat is securely in its place and facing forward.


Front Wheel

Insert the skewer into the front wheel axle opening through the hub.

Carefully insert wheel into the fork dropout slots while carefully aligning the disk brake with the gap in the brake caliper. Do not hit the paint with the disk brake, as the disk is very sharp and will damage the paint.

Place the other skewer spring and nut onto skewer thread with only one revolution. (Do not tighten yet).

Rotate the dynamo hub power socket so that it points upwards and is aligned with the fork.

Align the wheel between the fork legs, with the brake disc facing the side of the fork which has the disk calliper.

Once that's done, tighten the skewer by using the appropriate hex key on one side and finger tightening on the other.

Plug the power cable into the hub power socket.



Remove compression cap bolt on top of the steerer, then remove compression cap. Afterwards remove cardboard tube placeholder.

Use the spacers to select a desired height for the handlebar.

After stacking the spacers to your desired height insert the handlebar. Gently rock the handlebar onto the steerer until it glides on.

If you stacked 1 or 2 spacers below the handlebar, insert the remaining spacers on top of the handlebar.
Replace the compression cap and tighten the compression cap bolt almost all the way. Do not tighten.

Align the handlebar so that it's perpendicular to the front wheel. (To help align, use the frame as visual reference.)
Tighten the compression cap bolt, while ensuring that the handlebar does not shift from its alignment. Correct if needed.

Tighten the 4 handlebar bolts in an X-pattern, using the method below:

  1. Screw in all 4 bolts to an equal depth until you feel some pressure.
  2. Double check that the handlebar is aligned with the front wheel
  3. Screw in each bolt, only a few turns at a time, switching to a bolt on the diagonally  opposite side. (ie. top left, then bottom right, then bottom left and then top right. Repeat)
  4. Visually maintain an even gap between handlebar and rear cap
  5. Tighten each bolt to 6Nm (Do not over-tighten)

The Valour has three cables that plug into the handlebar. The larger one is the power, and it goes into the large socket. Plug in the remaining two 3.5mm cables into any of the last two plugs.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below, and we will be updating this section regularly.


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    Chris Myers

    What is done with all the various other parts/components in the included box?

     4 metal spoke like objects with rounded eyelets (bigger than wheel spokes though), 
     A bag of silver, stainless screws and washers of various sizes
     A small bag with 4 small black plastic honeycomb like clips (maybe used to route/group cables)
    Several plastic contoured washers, metal cuff, and small metal hex screw
    Set of 4 tensioners of some sort
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    It sounds like you are describing the fender mount hardware and 5 cable clip. You can find guidance on how to mount fenders here:

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