Can't connect to my Valour.


I cannot seem to connect my phone to my Valour.



  1. Ensure that your phone's Bluetooth is on and the Vanhawks app is open. Also, ensure that your Valour and your phone have enough battery power as well.
  2. Then shake the Valour, this should turn on the Valour and show you flashing blue lights, which means your Valour is looking for a phone to connect to.
  3. If you have paired your phone to the Valour before, it should automatically reconnect and the blue lights will stop flashing and will simply stay on, indicating a successful connection.  If this did not happen or you have not paired the Valour before, go into the bike settings tab in the app and then go into "My Valour" or "Bluetooth Pairing" to set up your Bluetooth pairing.
  4. If during this time, you're still unable to connect or do not see the Valour ID in the Bluetooth pairing page, you might need to reset your Valour.
  5. Lastly, if the reset does not fix the problem then please contact us through the app for direct support.
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