Auto-trip tracking is not starting or my trips aren't being fully tracked.


Auto-trip tracking is not starting or my trips are not being fully tracked. 


If auto-trip tracking isn't working the following steps may be at fault:

  1. Ensure that the dynamo power cable is inserted completely into the power port. You can look inside the GPS window to see if a little green turns on when you spin the wheel.
  2. Bluetooth Connection Issue - The Valour bluetooth currently resets because of the "notify" issue. It will be fixed in the 1.15 release of the Valour firmware.
  3. Also, ensure that the app is running in the background and that it has not been terminated (iOS Only).
  4. Manually terminating the Vanhawks app process from the Settings in Android could potentially affect auto-trip tracking. (Android Only).
  5. The Valour app could potentially terminate from the background due to low memory (which can happen if the user opens a lot of memory intensive apps). (iOS Only).
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